Lee Wilson Goes The Distance Around Home

Hard work pays off

Lee Wilson’s got a story as good as his surfing. The 2-time Indo champ’s split with his main sponsor at the end of 2012 reset his focus into overdrive, washing dishes in Australia to make ends meet while putting out “Sponsor Me” tapes around Bali that showed the full range of his talents. He also brings a grounded perspective on the priorities that really matter in wave-riding.

“Ever since I got dropped, I don’t surf to try and make a living. I just surf because I love it,” Wilson said in a 2012 interview with Leo Maxim. “It was a lesson in respecting surfing and what I was gifted with. When I first started surfing, I had no money and I was happy. But as soon as money got involved, I got too much too young, and I had a huge ego and all these other problems came into the picture. I couldn’t care less if I never get paid to surf again.”

After months of putting in the hard yards, Wilson was approached by Brixton in March of last year, who offered to slap a sticker on the nose of his board. We couldn’t have been more thrilled for him, not the least reason being that we get to see more clips like the one above. Take note, groms: hard work pays off.