Mason Ho, Tom Curren, and Burger in Bali

Episode One of the much-anticipated series, License To Chill

Finally, a web series starring surfing’s weirdo, Mason Ho! And what’s not to love about the series opener? You’ve got Mason Ho and Tom Curren hanging in Bali (Now that’s a power couple!), when Mason’s best friend Cheeseburger shows up to join in on the fun and the humorous antics. License to Chill kicks off in true fashion with avant-garde rock wedges (Typical), finless surfing (Also typical), countless barrels (Again, also typical), and unusual approaches to some of Bali’s most famous waves (Once again, typical). There also happens to be a neon-green MR blade that would draw huge interest from Mr. Curren, and the surfing that follows will have you fanning out on the three-time world champion like it’s 1986. Enjoy the beginning of a new era in web series. You know we did.