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Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, and Kiron Jabour in new Liquid Monuments session

Dramatic slabs almost demand their own film soundtracks. Teahupoo seems born for the cinema anyway, unloading the entire ocean onto one poor reef. Surfers hear a dangerous tune in watching its footage long before they watch a session highlight.

So when Koa Rothman paddles into a liquid freight train straight out of Inception, or when Kiron Jabour turns into a gladiator, sticking a drop-in like he just defied the emperor at the Roman Colosseum, the video and its music should feel like a natural match, like their sense of epic was dually plucked out of the darkroom. Just watching a few rides at Teahupoo is more dramatic than the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and this clip won't cost you $15 for a ticket.