"Twinfins never go out of fashion, they just get re-interpreted and brought back in," says C.R. Stecyk III, halfway through this …Lost celebration of the modern fish.

And thank god for that.

Squirty, easy to paddle, uncomplicated, as high performance as you want 'em to be, a fish ought to be a requirement in every surfer's quiver. Whether spiked with two fins or four.

This 13-minute mini-doc shows why.

From archival footage of Chris Ward and Cory Lopez going nuts on Matt Biolos' early fish shapes in the 90s, through Luke Davis and Josh Kerr glidin' and spinnin' through small California surf today, to Ian Crane getting three-tube waves—the fish just abides.

Biolos has been cranking out modern twinnie beauties since the …Lost movie “5'5" x 19 1/4"” first blew your hair back with the possibilities of a fish back in the mid-90s. If you ride a fish today, give a thanks to Steve Lis, who invented the things, but you very well may have …Lost's movie to thank for revitalizing the fish design, and bringing it from the San Diego coves it grew up in out into the bigger, wider world.