Luke Hynd’s Frame of Mind

From Australia to Africa, from The Cure to Kool & The Gang, Louie Hynd is all over the place

Welcome to Episode Four of Dragon’s Frame of Mind series. What is it, exactly? It’s 60 seconds inside a surfer's cranium, where we get a fast-paced look into what drives them. We've already peered inside the minds of Mick Fanning, Rob Machado and Evan Geiselman this year, and now we turn our attention to Australia's Luke Hynd, who’s spent nearly all of 2017 on the road, bouncing between Oz, Africa, Indo, and the WQS. This is what he thinks, about what he thinks.

On the best waves he's gotten this year:

Without a doubt, it'd be a trip I did earlier this year to West Africa. Flawless. I think everyone who was a part of it said it was the best session of their lives, which is saying a lot. For that many people to say the same thing is incredible. The waves we got to surf were amazing.

Photo: Shield

On his 2017 itinerary:

This year has been pretty full-on. I've only spent a max of two weeks in-between trips. I've pretty much been following the ‘QS this year, and that's taken me all over, from the Caribbean to Indo to Japan, and also ticking off a few locations I didn’t think I'd ever be able to freesurf, which is always fun.

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On his musical preference:

I chose three songs I'm liking at the moment. A little ’80s boogie on one, another ’80s rock song…I have a pretty wide range of music I like. I can't pick just one genre as my favorite. Anything that tickles my ears, I'll put it on a playlist—from the ’60s until now and in any genre.

On his future:

I'm actually not competing much at the end of the year, which is nice. I'm going to an island in Scotland and will spend some time over there, chasing some slabs and some new waves. I'm excited. I'm always frothing to get in some new waves.


Photo: Jarvinen