“It was good,” says Queensland surfer Luke Hynd at the outset of his new edit, “Aspect”, the second episode in his banger of a series, “Imagination Roulette”. Hynd’s paraphrasing conversations he had upon his return from Portugal. And the Australian doesn’t intend to understate the facts. He, as he says, just finds it easier, “just to show people than tell them.”

Just as episode one of the Darcy Ward-directed series showcases Hynd’s skills in the waves de rigeuer of a foreign locale, EP002 finds the Burleigh Heads native acclimating well to some unfamiliar setups–this time it’s mainly heaving beach breaks, as well as a particularly menacing below-sea-level wedge. Half-way around the world, Hynd seems at home, flying high above and bashing away at the lip of many a European Beach-y. Replete with some particularly gorgeous-for-a-surf-clip cinematography–including epic landscape shots and a Morning of the Earth-style sunset session–EP002 is certainly worth talking about.

Click play above to watch Hynd’s European beach break bash.

Luke Hynd Darcy Ward
Photo Credit: Darcy Ward



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