The first swell of the ’16/17 North Shore season slammed the Banzai Pipeline this past weekend and the takers were greeted with solid barrels and a minimal crowd. Leading that charge was everybody’s favorite freesurfer, Mason Ho:

That was a really special pulse of swell. My dad told me he’s never seen the first real swell of winter that good at Pipe in his whole life. I got really lucky with my timing out there. I kept checking Pipe in between sets so I thought it looked clean and nice, but everybody kept telling me there were wash-throughs and it wasn’t good. I just grabbed my magic wax, got amped, and went straight out there. Then everything turned on that evening.

The footage speaks for itself: Mike Ho’s backside no-grab stance (1:31) at 59 years old is bonkers, Kalani Chapman put in the best cameo, and Mason found a rhythm that can only be described as cosmic.

Bonus! Tom Curren and Mason Ho ride a skimboard at Uluwatu that’s completely unrelated to opening day at Pipeline.