Billabong just recently dropped a new web series called “Know the Feeling”, which spotlights women surfers around the world and is hosted by ex-Tour surfer Laura Enever. In the first episode, Enever jaunts to the wave-rich country of Morocco. After doing a quick tour of the magical inland city of Marrakech, Enever heads to shores of Agadir, where she meets up with the region’s most talented female surfer: Meryem El Gardoum.

As you’ll see in the video above, Meryem El Gardoum grew up in a traditional Muslim family along the southern coast of Morocco in Tamraght and started surfing at the age of 11. Now she’s frequently seen carving up the walls of Anchor Point or teaching other young women how to surf. She’s also apart of the Moroccan Females Surfing Foundation, which is comprised of local water-going women of all professional and cultural backgrounds. To hear more from Meryem and other badass Moroccan women, and to view the region through the eyes of the effervescent Enever, press play above.