Mick Fanning, On Rail in the Arctic Circle

A throwback to Mick's gap year

With all the hype surrounding Mick Fanning’s almost-second encounter with a great white at the J-Bay event, it can be easy to forget that Mick wasn’t on Tour full-time last year, and that he spent much of his schedule roaming the planet’s fringes to score uncrowded surf. One of his jaunts took him to Norway with cinematographer Matt Kleiner and Norwegian photographers Emil Sollie and Mats Grimsæth, who had been wanting to shoot surfing beneath the Northern Lights for years. The crew filmed Fanning shredding the coastline’s frigid waves during the few daylight hours available that far north, and then shot him beneath a sky of fluorescent green at night. Red Bull released a full episode of the trip a couple months ago, but Kleiner just released a director’s cut version, provided above.