Like many, Mick Rodgers gave up the street address for residence in his van, a 1996 Ford Econoline. Unlike many, the logger’s account of the transition isn’t dunked in Clarendon filters and fuzzy captions. In his new edit, filmed by Soren Heil, Rodgers shares both the good and the ugly about life in the back of a rig. Low points? Contrary to Instagram, there are lots (“The first night in the van was interesting, because it was the first moment I realized I had no place to go. [At work], we were closing up the factory, and I was watching all my coworkers go home for the night, and I realized, ‘This is it'”). But the highs? Cutting back on costs, maximizing his time in the ocean, traveling freely toward the beck of the next swell — they put new meaning into Joy Ride.