Mini John Florence And The Perfect North Shore Gromhood

Micro Double-John, Alexandra, Nathan, and Ivan

What a difference a year makes. Since View From A Blue Moon premiered last year, John Florence won the World Title outright, and with an event to spare, he now looks in good shape to blitz the North Shore itinerary for the Triple Crown, the third of his career. Think back to AVFABM, and you’ll remember the adorable montage in the opening credits: A young Double John, bobbing in the lineup with his mother, Alexandra, and his brothers, Nathan and Ivan. You’ll also remember how the footage was paired with an exclusive track, Seasick Dream, by family friend, Jack Johnson. Struggling through the post-Thanksgiving Monday blues? Lean back and drink in a tune that, in Florence’s words, “drips surfing — the palms swaying, relaxed kind of surfing,” set to the rhythm of the surf world’s most precocious blondie.