According to HBO’s new trailer for “Momentum Generation,” a film documenting the crew of early 90s surf stars that were the fixtures in front of filmmaker Taylor Steele’s lens for over two decades, they went from a “brotherhood” to being pitted against each other by the surf industry. It’s hard to believe that there was any drama between the young Momentum Generation crew, well, maybe between Kelly Slater and Paul Roach, when watching them goofily role play alternate personas ranging from 7-11 clerks to mafia hitmen in the b-roll of Steele’s films. But apparently there was plenty for filmmaker’s Jeff and Michael Zimbalist to delve into and create a feature-length documentary out of. A story even rich enough for A-list actor Robert Redford to executive produce.

"We're presented with lots of stories for possible projects," Co-director Mike told SURFER back in April when the film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. "This story had plenty of substance the more we dug into it. We knew it was doable right away."

The film has been picked up by HBO and will air on December 11, 2018 at 10:00pm. Unearth an elf-shoe rocker’d relic and cue the Bad Religion in anticipation.

For a short interview with co-director, Mike Zimbalist, and Momentum Generation alum, Taylor Knox, click here.