Boiler Boys

Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, and Dillon Perillo take the Moroccan lineup

What happens when you bring three of the best regular footers in the world to the drawn-out walls of Morocco? You get Boiler Boys, a 10-minute film that’ll leave you wanting to ditch your desk job for the secluded lineups of the desert. Produced by Marine Layer Productions and edited by Dane Reynolds, Boiler Boys is centered around the surf spot known as “Boilers,” the most consistent wave in Taghazout, Morocco. As you’ll see in the edit, Dane, Dillon Perillo, and Yadin Nicol hung around the region for two weeks, snagging waves at Boilers day in and day out. But it wasn’t until the last four days of the trip that the wave truly turned on. Like, really on.