Nathan Fletcher and Michael Oblowitz are both rare birds in the surf world. Fletcher has carved one of the most unique and radical paths imaginable through surfing, born to surf royalty, pushing aerial progression through heavy skate and snowboard influences, leaving pro surfing at one point to pursue motocross, and then reinventing himself as one of the most unhinged big-wave riders of all time. Needless to say, Nathan’s is a hell of a story. And there might be no one more suited to tell it than Oblowitz, the also somewhat unhinged documentarian behind “Sea of Darkness”. That incredible film tackled early Indonesian surf exploration, drug smuggling and the birth of the surf industry, but was never given a wide release (hmm, wonder why that might be?). This latest project, titled “Heavy Water”, screened in Hawaii this week and looks slated for a 2019 release. And, oh yeah, it looks like Fletcher does an acid drop out of a helicopter. Yep, this thing can’t come out soon enough.