Nathan Hedge Returns

Former ASP Top 10 surfer mounts sober comeback

In 2005, Nathan Hedge was on top of the world. Competitively, he'd cemented himself among the Top 10 surfers on the ASP World Tour. He'd collected a string of great results, including runner-up finishes at Teahupoo and J-Bay. He’d landed magazine covers and profiles; he had sponsors and fame. But as hard as Nathan worked, he often played even harder. And by 2009, it finally caught up with him. He’d spent the last 13 years competing--the last three of which were spent trying, unsuccessfully, to requalify for the World Tour--and he needed a break…from both competition and the lifestyle he’d developed alongside it. He quit the WQS, moved up the coast, and entered rehab. Now, after two years away from the Tour, Nathan is back--sober, clean, and fit. He finished the 2012 season ranked 78th on the WQS and has big plans for the year to come.

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