Russell Bierke is a young man who knows no fear. Yesterday he brought that same brave approach he’s exhibited at Australia’s most unruly slabs to one of the most scary waves in the world—Nazaré. Hit play on the clip above to watch Bierke fade right a little too far and end up getting gobbled up in the avalanche of a wave.

In true Nazaré fashion, the nightmare doesn’t end there. The jetski, piloted by 2018 Nazaré Challenge Winner Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca, skips like a stone over all the boiled whitewater in search of Bierke while he’s busy taking a few more mountainous waves on the head. Luckily Bierke, with the assistance of Chumbo, ends up washed up on the shore safely, with his towboard within arm’s reach.

"This was by far my longest hold down ever! I barely got a breath before the second wave landed on me. Felling pretty sore today, got a good whiplash when I skipped in front of the wave, but no injuries which is good," Bierke told Pedro Mirando, the filmer of the clip above. "Felt like I could barely walk up the beach when I got there.”

All in a day’s work.

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Filmed by Pedro Miranda.