“Getting there is half the fun,” or so the saying goes. Basque Countrymen Kepa Acero, Aritz Aranburu and Natxo Gonzalez would probably have to disagree after trying to get to an island off the coast of India that, according to Google Earth, had off the charts, Skeleton Bay-like, potential. Especially with the largest swell in the past 25 years headed directly for it. Between an unwelcoming local community, language barriers, power-tripping police and anything else that could prevent them from getting to the wave, the trio stayed undeterred from reaching their destination.

Despite not finding the score they hoped they would, the adventure was one the trio will never forget. “We are Martians there, that’s the truth,” Acero, who is no stranger to traveling to fringe locales, says about the place. “This was the hardest trip I've ever done. I still have some serious images of crazy people in my mind and all the problems we faced to get to that place,” Gonzales adds. “But that’s what an adventure is. What I’ll remember most is the brotherhood we all shared.”

Hit play to watch all the wave hunt pandemonium ensue and scroll below for some stills from the trip.

Filmed, edited and all photos by Jon Asparu.

Acero, Gonzales and Aranburu go feral with makeshift camping gear courtesy of their previous night’s hotel room.

Acero channels the Jedi by putting his hood up in hopes of nonchalantly sailing by harbor police. “We are not the three Basque men you’re looking for.”

Island locals.

The place not only teases perfection on Goggle Earth, but in real life too.

Aranburu, Acero and Gonzalez find that mind-surfing the wave is really its only makeable approach.

If down on your luck while on a trip, toss your board to a local grom and you’ll quickly be reminded why you surf in the first place.

It wasn’t all authoritarian bureaucrats, Gonzalez found a friendly local twinning with his board.

Acero’s probably thinking, “If this bus was an amphibious vehicle this trip would be a whole lot easier.”

No waves, no problem.

Perfect from afar but far from perfect.

With a lineup like this so close yet so far away, you’d be willing to risk everything to get to it too.

Aranburu gets seduced by the illusion.

Although the wave is impossible to make, Aranburu snags a vision before it outruns him.