New Zealand Provides

Jeremy Flores, Dean Morrison, and Koa Rothman rock up to pumping sandbars

An Australian, Hawaiian, and a Frenchman walk into a bar…Just kidding, I won’t go there. But the crew of tube hounds we’ve got ourselves in this clip is about as diverse as they come (See: Dean Morrison, Koa Rothman, and Jeremy Flores.) And even though your boy J-Flo might be posted in recovery at the moment due to an unfortunate run in with the reef (ouch!), you can bet that once he gets his stitches out and memories back, he’ll be pumping through tubes and carving sharper than the rest in no time. C’mon J-Flo, bring the heat to J-Bay! (This is in no way correlated to who I have on my Fantasy Surfer team, which you can adjust for South Africa right here!)