When footage first emerged of that now-internet-famous boat getting tossed over the falls by an angry Nias monster wave, we questioned if the surf was even rideable during the swell’s peak. Sure enough, it was–at least some of it. There’s not the greatest ratio of makes-to-wipeouts in the highlights above, but those surfers lucky enough to escape into the channel unscathed after outracing one of this swell’s incredibly thick-lipped double-ups make the risk seem well worth the reward.

Featuring Nathan Florence, Matt Bromley, Carl Wright, Justin ‘Jughead’ Allport, Lucas Silveira, Mark Healy, Billy Kemper, Toby Mossop, Kipp Caddy, Riley Laing, Elliot Paerata Reid and more.

Filmed by Owen Milne.

And be sure to check out South African Matt Bromley’s nerves of steel during the super swell in the clip below.