It's a challenge to convince professional surfers to sign up for an exploratory trip to a little-known cold-water location, especially when that cold-water location is an island in far northern Canada with unreliable forecasts and 20-foot tide swings. So, when filmmaker Ben Gulliver and photographer Mark McInnis decided to take a swing on this zone, they dialed up a reliable cold-water A-team they knew would be game: Canada's Peter Devries and Noah Cohen, and Santa Cruz, California’s Josh Mulcoy and Noah Wegrich.

In "Northern Touch", we follow along as Ben brings us behind-the-scenes of the daily banter that goes into trying to find waves on a trip to a place where the windows of good surf shut just as fast as they open, and buoy readings are not always what they seem.

That’s not to say they didn’t find good waves. Despite the setbacks, the crew still finds plenty of fun surf, culminating with a wedge beachbreak where Noah Wegrich puts on an impressive performance. "Waggy's more excited than I've ever seen him, not counting looking at Instagram models," says Noah Cohen, as they're getting ready to paddle out in the final section of the film. And judging from the way Waggy was surfing, it shows.

Take 15-minutes, sit back, and enjoy.