Logic Of A Dream

A year in Portugal and Hawaii, from filmmaker Nuno Dias

After his short film “Grande” gave us some of the boldest footage of giant Nazaré we’d seen all season, Portugal’s Nuno Dias became a filmmaker to look out for. His first-ever showreel, “Logic Of A Dream,” spans his last 12 months in Portugal and Oahu’s North Shore, with hi-def performances from John Florence, Craig Anderson, Lucas Chumbo, Francisco Porcella, Miguel Blanco, and Steph Kokorelis. We reached out to Nuno before he premiered his new reel and asked for the details behind a seminal year of surf filmmaking.

Why did you specifically focus on Portugal and Hawaii for “Logic Of A Dream”?

The showreel was shot mostly in Portugal, where you can find the giant waves of Nazaré, some slabs on the west coast, and the breathtaking landscapes we have here. I also wanted to include Hawaii in it — the trip was my fourth time there, and it’s a very special place for me. The first time I went on an airplane was on a trip to the North Shore. I was 18 years old at the time, and it totally changed my vision about filmmaking. I had the opportunity to meet some incredible photographers, videographers and surfers…and for me, that’s a very important place to begin.

What was a highlight throughout your travels?

When I travel, I always look for good waves and, if possible, the chance to capture some of the best surfers riding them. One of the highlights for me was during my first time in Hawaii when I made my first session shooting in the water at Pipeline. I was really, really scared. As soon as I got to the outside and felt that vibe, the massive crowd, the lines coming on the third reef…It was like a childhood dream come true.

Which surfer was the most fun for you to follow?

This year, I had the opportunity to shoot with Craig Anderson here in Portugal. It was a pleasure to meet and shoot one of my favorite surfers. He’s a very fun guy, an incredible talent, and seeing him bust huge airs here in Portugal and being able to document it was very cool. He also became a big fan of Sagres, our Portuguese beer [Laughs].

Any projects or plans for the remainder of this year?

I already made two trips this year, one to Hawaii and another to California. Now it’s summer here in Portugal. There aren’t many good waves, and I’m looking for a trip. Still not sure where — maybe Mexico or Australia. October and November are my favorite months to be in Portugal. The waves really start to pump, and there is a lot of action in the water with some of the best surfers on the planet.