Occy: A Tribute

The career of the one and only Mark Occhilupo

SURFER’s annual Big Issue is an oversized, overflowing collector’s edition, and the 2015 version might just be some of our best work yet. This year, the mag contains a 20,000+ word biography penned by one of surfing’s finest scholars, Sean Doherty, on the one, and certainly the only, Mark Occhilupo. Occy is larger than life, and his story is larger than a standard issue can hold, to say the least.

The biography will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and it’ll make you appreciate more than ever the impact Occy’s had on surfing. When we went to press with the story, which was years in the making, we were confident we’d done Occy justice. He can captivate a surf fan unlike any other surfer in history, and his story should remain necessary reading for generations of surfers to come. Pick up a Big Issue on newsstands now, just take our word for it.

And if that’s not convincing enough, watch the Occy tribute above. This clip, like the legend of Mark Occhilupo, speaks for itself.