Sometimes the feeling you get on the eve of scoring insane waves can be torturous. Knowing that the swell is perfect and the winds are cooperating will cause best-case scenarios to form in your mind mixed with thoughts that the conditions might not hold until morning.

Tanner Gudauskas feels this anticipatory anxiety at Jeffreys Bay’s in his latest Paradise Projects edit, when he finds J-Bay’s long walls are just one sleep away. Seeing corduroy lines stack up under the night sky, hearing them break and feeling the offshore wind, Tanner maintains the froth by waxing up a fresh board hoping that the reason he traveled halfway around the world will be there once the sun rises.

Luckily for Tanner, his brother Pat and Dylan Graves the swell held through the night for an insane session at J-Bay as seen in the edit above.

Filmed by Alex Kilauano.

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