If there’s any career that will make you completely reassess your current occupation, start crunching numbers, logistics and escape plans of how to make the switch, it’s being a Tavarua Boatman. Especially after watching the second episode of Parker Coffin’s “Inspire” series where he briefly takes on his childhood dream job.

By the looks of the job in the edit above, all that’s to it is loading boards and fuel into a boat and then just getting piped at Cloudbreak all day long. In reality the mantle is much more heavy, Parker said about his temporary gig. “My brother and I always looked up to the Tavarua Boatmen, they were like hero status to us. We pretty much thought it was the raddest job on the planet. You essentially take care of the guests, get them out safely into the waves, provide some advice as well as being there for them as the active, on-duty lifeguard in case anything goes sideways.”

Hit play to watch Parker Coffin, Conner Coffin and Nate Zoller thread some Fijian pits above.

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