For a lot of surfers coffee is a ritualistic part of their morning surf routine. Seeing a steaming cup from the local donut shop, or a hot mug of home brew, in the hand of a surfer as he or she assesses ante meridiem conditions is as common a sight in the beach parking lot as the sea itself.

Does the warm caffeinated beverage enhance one’s surfing? Dean Petty, Mikey Detemple and Lee Meirowitz seem to think so. In the adventurous and whimsical style of Bruce Brown the trio travel to Nicaragua with filmmaker Harrison Newman Jardine for a coffee-fueled surf safari in “Perfectly Caffeinated.” Watch the trio score some fun waves and gain an education on the coffee cultivating process.

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got waves and beans. Photo: Jardine

Perfectly caffeinated and ready for the paddle out. Photo: Jardine

The pickers are the hardest workers in coffee, here they search for the reddest of cherries. Photo: Jardine

Dean Petty spends his time between cups of coffee in the tube. Photo: Jardine

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