It’s hard to believe that a lot of the weak west swells we saw prior to yesterday in Southern California are the same sorts of depressing waves that have also been plaguing the Tofino, Canada zone. “It’s been a rough season so far,” says local boy Pete Devries.” There’s been a lack of storm systems off our coast this winter. The waves we usually surf broke maybe 3 or 4 times this year. We haven’t had those big low pressure systems that we need.”

Getting antsy, Pete put together and released the first episode from his collaborative series “On + ON” with Adam Chilton. And while it’s the slowest western Canadian winter to date, that won’t stop Pete from starting to work and produce features episodes from around and outside his hometown bubble. “Josh Mulcoy lives up here now, and Noah Cohen is around, so we’ll probably all venture out and see what we can do.”

With swells heading later this week, we’re hoping this is just a tease to what our neighbors up north can create with Devries and Chilton’s new series producing timely Canadian goodness.