Picaresque a surf film by Mikey DeTemple Available Now


a surf film by Mikey DeTemple

Highs Seas Films first film, Picaresque is a 16mm visual stimuli showcasing longboarding in a new light; getting away from the preconceived notions and turning up the tempo. When in motion, longboarding is ultra fluid, yet relatively systematic. But when its done right, it’s also utterly dynamic. With an über-talented group of 25-and-unders spells of innovation and sickening-balance led to a blending of traditional and progressive, resulting in a universal message about the sport: logging offers few limitations.
Produced by: High Seas Films
Directed and Produced by: Mikey DeTemple
Produced by: Jay Alaimo and Chris Davis
Director of Photography and Edited by: Dustin Miller

more info and to watch trailer: http://www.highseasfilm.com/trailer/

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