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The ProTest ECOBOARD Challenge is up and running, folks. That means that from now until the end of the month, North Shore standouts will be able to grab one of the more than 30 certified ECOBOARDS shaped by world-class craftsmen, take them out to one of the famed North Shore reefs and try to bag the best edit on a more sustainably-made craft. The best performance captured on video (submissions can be multiple waves and up to 3 minutes) featuring an ECOBOARD will net the surfer a cool $10,000 prize (plus $1,000 for the videographer), and show surfers everywhere that you don’t have to turn to toxic traditional polyurethane boards when looking for high performance. All submissions will be uploaded to after the submission period ends on April 1.

The surfcraft built specifically for The ProTest, which you can check out here, feature alternative cores (recycled content or bio-based) and bio-based entropy resin, earning ECOBOARD GOLD Level designation by Sustainable Surf. But surfers can also ride their own boards if they qualify for either ECOBOARD GOLD Level, or ECOBOARD Level ONE designation (which means they have either an alternate core or entropy resin). A board’s degree of sustainability is required info for video submissions.

The ProTest quiver currently on the North Shore was shaped by some of the most acclaimed board builders in surfing, including Jon Pyzel, Daniel Jones, Kerry Tokoro, Wade Tokoro, Owl Chapman, Eric Arakawa, Kamalei Alexander, Carl Olsen, Jeff Bushman, Glenn Pang, Matty Raynor, Carl Schaper, Kyle Bernhardt, Mike Mattison, Drew Sparrow and Brett Marumoto. The boards range from high-performance shortboards to big-wave guns, covering just about every conceivable condition the North Shore can throw at surfers.

Surfers can send their videos to and submissions will accepted until April 1. Once all submissions are live on, fans will be able to vote for the best performance on an ECOBOARD. Once competition finishes, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii will be bringing the ECOBOARD quiver to North Shore beaches, allowing any interested surfer to demo the boards used in the video clips. Eventually these boards will be put up for sale with proceeds funding beach cleanup efforts across Hawaii.