Quivers: Oliver Kurtz

The star of "Aftermath" showcases five of his favorite sleds

He's not on tour. He's not grinding the WQS. If there was such a thing as a working man's professional surfer (cue the laugh track), then that might be Oliver Kurtz. He's your average surfer, just many, many times better, and then some (One view of his latest film, Aftermath, is proof). In our newest episode of Quivers, he showcases five of his favorite boards, with track records ranging from SoCal beachbreak crumble to pumping South Pacific reef passes:

Churro Model by Chilli Surfboards: 5'7 X 19 3/8 X 2 1/4:

Mini Gun by Sharp Eye Surfboards: 6’6 X 18.6 X 2 1/4:

Sharp Eye SG 1 Step-up Board: 6'3 X 18.65 X 2.44

4 X 4 Model by Chemistry Surfboards: 5'8 X 19 1/4 X 2 /3/8

Chilli Pina Colada: 5'6 X 20 X 2 7/16:

As you can see from above, while there're a couple fun boards thrown in, this is a quiver based on serious surfing. No true fishes, no logs, no mid-shapes. Think barrels, turns, and airs, oh my, and the magic sticks to match.