Tahiti at its Rawest

Revisiting "Raw Irons," one of our favorite AI films

This section from Raw Irons is nostalgia defined. Andy Irons in Tahiti, along with Chris Ward, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Kasey Curtis and Nathan Fletcher, among others, set to an unforgettable Beastie Boys track, brings back a flood of late ’90s memories. Raw Irons was just before Andy pulled his competitive act together. Still sponsored by MCD. Still meddling in the middle of the pack on the WCT. A few years after this film was released, Andy’s act went from raw to refined, and he’d go on to dominate pro surfing, including Kelly Slater, from 2002-2004, winning three straight World Titles. If you still have this movie on VHS, dig it up (and your old ’90s TV, wherever you keep it) and give it a watch. It’ll always be an all-time favorite.