In ad above, which was released today by sandal maker Reef, you’ll see a strange fanny pack-type thing called the “Fanning Pack” awash in neon and worn by none other than Mick Fanning (probably not, actually, but it’s a decent stunt double). The pack seems similar to a traditional fanny pack, but rather than holding hacky sacks and sage smudge sticks (I actually have no idea what people put in fanny packs), it holds…a sandal. That’s right. The sandal is apparently meant to be orientated so that the bottom faces out, so that the bottle-opening sole of Fanning’s signature slipper can more conveniently pop bottles. The ad also shows that the pack carries what looks like a small pouch of disinfectant wipes, you know, in case you step in something. Is Reef betting that people will prefer to carry their sandals around their waist rather than wearing them in 2019? What day is it, again?