Winter Storm Grayson has been tearing its way across the East Coast, with snowfall occurring as far south as Florida (seriously) and the Northeast getting so pummeled that roads and airports had to be shut down. Grayson has become a kind of celebrity among the meteorological community because it may be the strongest East Coast bombogenisis event in history. What the hell does that word mean, you ask? Well, it’s when a midlatitude cyclone intensifies incredibly quickly—like, say, dropping 59 millibars in 24 hours as Grayson did. But weather geek speak aside, what this meant for the Outer Banks is one of the most incredible winter swells in memory, and surfers like Brett Barley, Oliver Kurtz and friends couldn’t get their lobster mitts on fast enough to greet it. Click the video above to watch a historic swell send icy perfection to a few hot-blooded East Coasters.