Before we get started, you should really fast-forward to just before the 4-minute mark of the above edit, at which point we see Tanner G try to take a little off the top from a playful Mexican peeler, but instead he gets hung up, falls off his board, bodysurfs for a good 20 yards, somehow reconnects with his board in the whitewater, stands up, throws a little shaka and gets back to belting the lip. Have you already seen that unicorn of a surf clip on Instagram? I don’t care. That could never get old.

Right. Once you get past that near-miracle (the Virgin Mary art on the board is probably just a coincidence) and watch the rest of the edit, what you’ll find is some of the best backside surfing we’ve ever seen from the G boys, and in some truly enviable Mexican point surf. The edit is obviously a plug for CI’s new summer model, the Rocket Wide, which is (you guessed it) a wider version of their very-popular Rocket 9. And while your local beachie is probably going to look far from a perfect Mexican point break this summer, it’d still be hard to get through this edit and not at want to give one of these stubby craft a try.