It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when George Greenough mounted nearly 30 pounds of camera gear on his back to take us for a ride inside the tube with him, but it’s actually been 45 years. That’s probably because the psychedelic barrel footage he captured is timeless. Even non-surfers were entranced by watching a wave toss its lip from a first-person point of view–like the members of Pink Floyd, who projected Greenough’s barrel footage behind them at their gigs.

Fast forward almost half a century and Ry Craike, who seems to be on an envious perpetual West Oz adventure, is doing exactly what Greenough was. Lucky for Craike, the GoPro fits in his hand and only weighs a pound or two. Hit play to watch Craike stuff some colorful tubes smeared by backlight in his latest edit, accurately titled, “Timeless Land”.