You’d be hard pressed to find a more fascinating designer of surfcraft today than Mr. Ryan Burch. His board concepts are steeped in tradition, with many of his craft loosely based on classic fish theories. But when you toss in parabolic rails and asymmetrical outlines, you end up with something that’s uniquely futuristic–and uniquely Burch. It would be easy to dismiss the ideas as fringe if it weren’t for the fact that Burch makes them look incredibly fun, which is why he’s almost single-handedly revived interest in asymm concepts first pioneered by San Diego’s Karl Ekstrom decades ago. In the video above, an extended interview from the filming of “Handmade”, Burch breaks down his beginnings as a shaper, where he finds inspiration and why he finds as much joy with a planer in hand as he does on a wave.

[Click here to watch “Handmade” in its entirety, or here to read the feature from SURFER magazine.]