A generous portion of stellar surfing from Dane Reynolds

For the past few months, it seemed that the plug had been pulled over at Marine Layer Productions. But today it came roaring back to life with the release of “Sampler,” an 11-minute edit featuring all of the clips that didn’t end up in Dane Reynolds’ part in Cluster. According to Reynolds’ statement on Marine Layer: “…it is 'b sidey' [sic] but that is not a disclaimer, i'm proud of it. every moment can't be your best, the waves aren't always perfect, the more you expect the more your disappointed, do what you can with what you've got, surfing's an art, there's no winner and no loser, no right or wrong way to do it…” Maybe so, although Reynolds’ surfing is clearly “winning” in the above video. Click here to read Reynolds’ whole statement on expectations and putting the edit together.