Will the Tour dump Margies, and with it, the terrific event victory SeaBass claimed last year? Will we say goodbye to pros sipping world-class Shiraz and wild free surf sessions on 10-foot quadruple-ups with John John Florence? All quite possible. So in the meantime, let’s revert back to what we know is on lock. Snapper. Inconsistent may it be, when it’s on, there’s nothing like it. Here Sebastian Zietz, Brent Dorrington, Bede Durbidge, Sheldon Simkus, Oliver Zietz, John Florence, Joel Parkinson, Mitch Parkinson, Ethan Ewing, Curtis Ewing, Tom Whitaker, Betet Merta, Luke Barret, Sam Chillcot, and Dean Morrison make mincemeat out of those emerald walls.