The Mentawai Islands seem like some kind of wave restaurant, where, with the proper boat captain as the head chef, you can order up whatever type of waves you and your friends are in the mood for.

In the latest edit from Happily Stoked’s Lachlan McKinnon, “IndoNesia,” that’s exactly what Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz and his crew of Kauai’s underground rippers do. The boatload locks into barreling rights, lefts, a double-up or two and some crumbly lips for the loosening of tails.

With quality tunes including the dark fuzz of Black Sabbath soundtracking the bright-blue water sessions, and b-roll of improv ukulele jams while bonfiring on deserted beaches, “IndoNesia” is prime travel inspiring surf cinema.

Footage from this trip was also used in SURFER’s latest episode of “Wish You Were Here,” which you can watch here.

Edited by Happily Stoked’s Lachlan McKinnon. Featuring Sebastian Zietz, Gavin Gillette, Tyler Newton, Danny Fuller, Evan Valiere, Sam Martin, Seqouia Hennesy, Ryder Guest, Teva Dexter, Kyle Galtes and Dylan Goodale.