Sell Your Car, Go To Portugal

"Peixe Podre" provides for Brad Flora

Portugal has experienced one hell of a winter. Locals firmly believe their weather patterns for great surf starts in October, but with one of two outlooks: it’s either going to be eventful or awful. Total bi-polar-ism. Those November through April months are either filled with rain and shitty onshore wind, or sunshine and offshores. At a glance, it’s receiving the latter.

Brad Flora got tired of seeing post after post of perfectly groomed peaks, so he took a stab at crossing the pond,┬áleaving his beloved Maryland behind for cheap Malbec and some of the best breakbreak surf of his life. “I sold my car at home and used up my ninety days in Europe wandering around living with my girlfriend in Portugal. Best idea I ever had. We only filmed a handful of sessions and came up with this, so turn it up, drink a beer, and enjoy.”