Seth Conboy’s Commencement Speech

How’s this for a send-off?

Last May, in preparation for Flagler College's spring commencement ceremony, Ocean City, Maryland's Seth Conboy had final exams to study for and capstone projects to complete on the way to earning his BA in graphic design. And, like his fellow undergrads set to be released into the "real world," Conboy was also forced to begin preparations for his post-collegiate life by prepping a resume and working on his networking skills.

But as evidenced by the clip he just sent over, it appears Conboy also spent his final few semesters surfing his brains out. Set in the OBX, California, Bali and Baja, "FARCE" features Conboy displaying initiative, hacking away at career goals, and deftly navigating complex scenarios with enthusiasm and determination.

"I actually graduated this past May and I’ve been sitting on some footage for a little while, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it," Conboy says of how the edit came together. "Luckily these past few weeks on the East Coast have been pumping so I added them [to the edit]."

In the video’s description, Conboy calls “FARCE” a “no-budget surf clip that is not about pro surfing. It’s not about looking a certain way or doing jumping jacks on the beach. This video is a collection of good times spent with my best buds, finding fun surf all over while studying in college. Crack a beer and turn this shit up. I hope this gets you psyched to surf.”

With “FARCE” behind him and a diploma in hand, Conboy, like most Millennials, will try his hand in the Gig Economy. "As of now, I have a personal goal of scoring a few gigs freelancing to help build a stronger resume. Being able to work for myself, setting my own schedule, and being able to contribute to the creative side is why I got into graphic design."

No doubt Conboy will be taking advantage of that "setting your own schedule" thing. Be sure to let us know how that goes, Seth.