If you’re not yet tired of anything wavepool related, then you might have a chlorine fetish. However, a clip just surfaced of a Seth Moniz air so lofty and progressive it deserves yet more freshwater attention. Is this still surfing? As wave pool technology continues to advance and become more accessible, will airs like this still be jaw-dropping? Or are they destined to become as yawn-inducing as watching a surfer get endlessly barreled at the Surf Ranch? Strange times.

SURFER called up Moniz to get the scoop. He’s holed up at LAX on a layover right now, eating some In N Out as his phone is blowing up.

Tell us about that air and the pool.

It took me seven tries to figure out the timing, the air section is perfect. I think that pool is the next big thing. There was a 16-year-old girl who came with us named Samantha and at first she could only do a floater over the air section and by the end of the day she was landing full airs.

Does it feel like wavepool surfing is still surfing?

It felt like I was surfing, the wave acts like a real surfing wave. I was pretty impressed by it. I wasn't too into wavepools going in, I had surfed one before and it was fun but this one just blew my mind. I think the air section is perfect and the waves it can produce will definitely get a lot of attention.

Do you feel like you did the air everyone watching the Founders’ Cup was waiting to see?

After I did the air I went in and was watching the Founders’ Cup. I could've posted right there but we waited a little bit because timing is everything. It would've been cool to post while that was going on. I think Kelly's wave is amazing too. His is more perfect and long but this wave just kind of feels like a real wave, more like the ocean.

Check out Jamie O’Brien and Cheyne Magnusson shredding American Wave Machines’ creation at BSR Cable Park below.