For Season 2 of Shed Sessions, we’re taking a slightly different approach. Rather than allowing the surfers to run rampant in Eric “Bird” Huffman's San Diego shop—which has a collection of over 1200 vintage surfboards—we’re letting Bird curate the quiver.

For the second episode, we grabbed Ian Crane, Nate Yeomans and Jett Schilling and paired them up with three very different surfboards that Bird picked specifically with San Clemente in mind: A three-inch thick single with a starfin, a Kolohe Andino grom-era thruster, and a classic performance twin fin. While each board poses its own unique challenges, it’s fun to watch this trio of SC goofys try to figure them out.

The boards, in order of appearance, are as follows:

Hobie Lazer Zap
6'0 x 21" x 3.5"
Shaped by Terry Martin

Mayhem Scorcher

5'6" x 18" x 2.19"
Shaped by Matt Biolos

Hobie Twin Fin
5'6" x 20" x 2.75"
Shaped by Terry Martin