Shed Sessions, With Albee Layer

Bird's favorite San Diego fish, and Chandler's North Shore gun

Even among the 900 or so boards that line the rafters of the Surf Shed in San Diego, owner Bird Huffman has his favorites. His dearest fish of all – a 5’6″ Larry Mabile, with handsome glassed-on, double-foil Larry Gephart keel fins – is taken for a test ride by Maui’s Albee Layer in the latest episode of Shed Sessions. The hundreds of boards in Huffman’s library contain countless stories practically laminated into their very DNA, and many haven’t been waxed up for decades. So when Albee spotted Chandler’s North Shore gun, a surprisingly nimble Jeff Bushman 6’10”, that went unridden since the movie’s premiere, he couldn’t resist boosting an air or two, for history’s sake.

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