Opening up with the recitation of a shortened version of Charles Bukowski’s apocalyptic, and in many ways frighteningly prophetic, poem “Dinosauria, We“, Wiley Archbold’s film “Short Stories” is thankfully much more carpe diem than Buk’s words in full.

Hit play to watch a gang of surf rats bounce south for the Mexi Log Fest, get stylee on some Doheny peelers and then head north to crowded Malibu. All with no clip left behind for a 30-minute film of pure logging. Even if single-fin longboarding ain’t your bag, the vibe of “Short Stories” will make you appreciate that you’re “born into this” thing we call surfing.

Featuring Barret miller, Andy Nieblas, Noah Cardoza, Nick Melanson, Justin Adams, Brock Thompson, Hallie Rohr, CJ Nelson, Kyle Perez, Tommy Witt, Makala Smith, Mike Lay, River Covey, Brendan Sepe, Karina Rozunko, Joe Davies, Max Caldwell, Daniel Graham, Shane Macpherson, Carlos Rochas, Carson Frank and Ben Cardoza.