There are so many classic logging celebrations now, it can be hard to keep track. In May alone, Aussie surf/motorcycle brand Deus throws its annual 9ft and Single gathering in Bali, while the Mexi-Log Fest kicks off a week or so prior in Saladita. And the cat’s already out of the bag on the next iteration of Joel Tudor’s Vans Duct Tape Festival, taking place in Portugal–also in May.

As international contingents of classic surfing acolytes converge on these locales for days and nights filled with music, art, and, yeah, surfing, they don’t typically do so with hopes of earning financial windfalls, as aside from the Duct Tape, the contest purses are fairly meager. Instead, many are selling their possessions or racking up credit card debt to cram into modest accommodations with their fellow competitors in search of little more than some good times with new friends and old.

But in April, in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern New Zealand history, the fifth running of the Christchurch-based longboard-centric festival, the Single Fin Mingle took on a broader purpose. As Men’s winner and first-time mingler, Cornwall’s Mike Lay, said after accepting his first place prize, “With the attacks a couple weeks ago, this contest and the feeling of community and togetherness is something as humanity we can learn from. There’s a lot of love here. And if only we can spread this love everyday to people, we can make a positive change in the world.”

Click play to see the recap of a week of love, positivity, and single-fin styling in Christchurch.