Sipping Jetstreams

Revisiting Taylor Steele's masterful two-year journey around the globe

Sipping Jetstreams, which came out in 2007, was a deviation from Taylor Steele’s typical cinematic approach. Rather than being another high-action, part-driven film, like those Steele had released year after year for over a decadeā€”it focused instead on beautiful cinematography in far-flung, lesser-known surf zones, in countries like China, Egypt, Cuba and Barbados.

If you have 38 minutes, the entire film is worth revisiting. It’s packed with perfect pairings: Shane Dorian slab hunting in Morocco, Andy and Bruce trading empty tubes in Bali, Ozzie Wright airing over rocks in Cuba, and Kelly Slater scoring once-in-a-decade Barbados. It’s one of the greatest surf films ever made, and it’s pretty wonderful that we can sit back and watch it for free on the internet.