“No need to venture further than our front-yard. Here’s your visual update of what happened at Skeleton Bay yesterday, the 8th [of] June with international flavors like Benji Brand, Koa Smith, Aritz Aranburu, and Cory Lopez. Another day of memorable waves being ridden,” writes @strandloopertijes.

Which led to the googling of http://strandloopertjies.net/.

Which led to the “about us” page:

“Hello. We are Namibian adventure seekers urging to travel and capture beautiful moments while searching for exotic beaches, surfing tropical islands or going on African safaris. Born and bread in Namibia, a country with endless gravel roads leading through a picture perfect landscape, where camping is part of a normal lifestyle, wildlife is addictive, braaivleis is a tradition, where sand dunes meet the ocean, and where we are locals at one of the longest barreling wave[s] in the world. Donkey bay. Namibia. Besides living in the desert, we are addicted to the tropics. We try to spend a few months a year living the tropics surf dream either cruising on our sailboat 'Sandrose' or hopping along local surf camps or resorts.”

Wait, what’s the more compelling story here? The dozens of surfers who flocked to Namibia? Or, the locals who just walked outside, filmed the international swarm, eventually tired of staring at perfect surf in Namibia, only to sail south back to their tropical paradises filled with Mai Tais, warm coco butter, smooth jazz melting into the aqua-blue background in The Ments…Where did we all go wrong?