Skeleton Bay Unleashed

A trek into the African desert to score the incredibly long and heavy lefthander

At this point, you’ve made yourself acquainted with the magical place in Namibia known as Skeleton Bay (or Donkey Bay). And you’re likely to realize that Benji Brand’s GoPro clip and Matt Bromley’s African Skeleton edit were by no means flukes. In the latest edit from the now famed sessions last month, Dane and Dale Staples, Ryan and Shaun Payne, and Matt Bromley share nearly mile-long barrels along the heaving, sand-bottom point. “If you don’t make the wave, it’s a hectic wipeout,” says Dale Staples. “If you make it, it’s probably the best barrel of your life.” Watching this video, you can’t help but realize a truer statement cannot be made. Enjoy.