Back in November, HBO and Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel caught up with Kelly Slater to talk all things Kelly, with The Surf Ranch lingering in the background. We, meaning us and probably you, couldn’t wait for Bryant to jump into the Lemoore conversations fast enough. The special starts with a bunch of curated pool WSL footage you’ve seen dozens of times. Jack Johnson appears and gives us insight into their friendly bond. And then, during the last two minutes, after you’ve reacquainted yourself with Slater History 101, Slater opens up about The Surf Ranch. You’re pinned at the edge of your seat, awaiting what you hope is an expression session with one of the most fluid surfers of our lifetimes, conducting an orchestra of carving perfection and statue-like grace in the barrel of his own creation. There’s no expression session, but HBO ends the segment with one wave that captures everything you wanted to see. It’s a doozy and nothing short of pure magic.

The tease continues! To this day, Slater still hasn’t really released a full proper edit from the Surf Ranch and we can’t wait until September for the tour event to see it all in longform. We await patiently the main course. Maybe on the eve of the WSL Opening Ball at Snapper he drops an edit? Can you imagine! We’ll even produce it, for free! For those Slater historians who didn’t see the special on HBO, you can catch the full episode here .