In case you haven’t heard, Dion Agius made a surf film called The Smiling Bag, did a string of premieres all over the world, and netted himself a SURFER Awards Movie of the Year nomination in the process. If you didn’t get to one of the premieres and are awaiting the online release, don’t hold your breath. Agius doesn’t plan to ever release The Smiling Bag into the omnipotent digital cloud.

“So far you could only see it by coming to one of the premieres,” says Agius. “But it’s available now just by emailing me, and then I'll send you a download link to the movie or a USB drive with a zine, a poster, some shoelaces and some stickers. So you'll get a nice little package that will be this fun thing you'll hopefully want to keep. I really wanted to try and give the movie a little bit more physicality as opposed to just throwing something up on the web, where people generally only have about a two-minute attention span—this f–ker is pretty long.”

To read more about Agius’ movie project, and the thought behind its unconventional release, check out our recent interview with the auteur here. You can reach out to Agius at for a copy, and in the meantime, feast your eyes on the new extended trailer above.